FC2017 – Gear Chronicle

Now to cap off the FC2017 reveals lets look at what Gears got.


Gear chronicle the scourge of the meta-game, once again going into this set the new guards and stride hell even the heal trigger had a lot to live up to. Gear Chronicle already has an incredible suite of powerful finisher strides and defensive and utility G-guards so earning a spot in the G-zone is not an easy feat. So let’s see if any of the new units have earned a spot in the G-zone.

For this article I’m going to be looking purely at the effect these cards will have on time leap Chronojet builds. I understand that these cards have different implications in other gear chronicle builds but as time leap is the most relevant and also the one I have the most experience with I’m going to focus on that.

Heal and G-guard

Well once again Uluru makes a return this time as both a heal and a guard so how do these cards fit into the deck. Well first off the heal trigger actually has some competetion in the form of Chronotherapy Hamster not only is this little guy adorable he also has the benefit of being a Zodiac time beast, which is relevant for Jet G/Nexstage push turns and can be pitched to Altered Dragon in case you don’t have a way to stride normally. Now obviously as a heal trigger you mostly want to use it to G-guard but the racial implications of Hamster are worth mentioning, especially as despite being fringe situations they are somewhat important. So what does Uluru offer in exchange? When used to guard with New-luru she allows you to return a normal unit to the bottom of the deck. While not the most beneficial skill that gears could have gotten (countercharge would have been incredible) this defintely sweetens the deal. The old Uluru guard offered similar utility returning a trigger unit on top of the normal unit. On the whole the normal unit being returned is more often that not the more important part, but returning an Ur-watar that has found itself in the drop zone to the deck can be game changing so its still nothing to sneeze at. Old Uluru aside the new heal allows you to return important leap targets to the deck giving the new guard half the utility of the old one. To put it simple if you decide to run the new Uluru guard run this heal. And that of course leads us onto the guard iteself.

While this is certainly an impressive skill, with the potential to effectively be a perfect guard late game, space is tight. When guarding with New-luru by paying CB1 and flipping a guard it gains 5k shield for every face up G-unit. So undoubtedly this will be a large defense, but that wasn’t really a sore area for gears anyway. Because of the advantage gained thanks to Ur-watar gear chronicle will almost always have enough shield to block the larger attacks that most opponents can offer. This is even further magnified by the CatRound combo that allows you a 21k base on the opponents turn. Still using one card to guard a large attack vs using more is obviously better but now we come to the biggest hurdle for New-luru – that CB1 cost. Gears is a deck that can often go into turns with 1-2 CB relying on taking damage and Arlim to gain CB, this means that going 1 down can be the difference between attacking and drawing more cards.

So overall the new guard has potential offering similar utility to old Uluru and a near inpenetrable defense but is hamstrung by its semi-redundancy and cost. Regardless it can definitely slot into the G-zone if you find yourself in need of more raw guard power.

Generation Break 8


Beyond Order Dragon with a name like that this card better deliver and I’m really not sure if it does or does not.

This card is so hard to assess its ability is seems very obviously powerful but has so many conditions attached to it that I’m not quite sure how to aproach it. For 1SB, 1CB and 8 cards from the top of your deck, Beyond Order will restand and create and extra main and battle phase. Even looking at just the restand skill this card has some very obvious raw power having no disard cost and losing only 1 drive check and the implications of extra phases is certainly interesting. However just like Uluru we come back to the cost, CB1,SB1 is easily managed essentially you’re just substituting what you would pay for Nextage, but then we come to the bind 8 cards from the top of the deck. So theoretically this is a nebulous cost, you aren’t really losing any resources – these are not cards in your hand or cards from your field. Of course this is vanguard, deckout is a very real issue in a lot of games especially later on such as a GB8 turn. On top of this time leap is a deck already drawing a lot of cards and having important timeleap targets in the deck is essential to most attack patterns.

Gears obviously has ways to deal with this steep cost while retaining important targets but even then this card has such a huge dependance on the cards in your hand that it is a hard sell. So what value can we gain from going into Beyond Order over Nextage.
So lets imagine that going into my turn I have 2CB open (which is fairly common) and I have optimal set-up for each respective turn.

– Nexstage allows for 7 attacks
– Beyond Order allows for 10

So essentially whatever you call over the rested attackers from the first battle phase this is also best case scenario and isn’t likely to happen but it’s a good baseline for comparison.
Also worth noting is that the second attack from the Nexstage turn will be much higher power while the Beyond’s second swing could have criticals from drive checks.

This card is impressively complex to evaluate, it has so many moving parts and “ifs” that really it seems like it comes down to being about the games that go that long. I don’t think you should be passing up a Nexstage turn to use this card and from there you need enough cards in deck to use this card so it honestly feels like this card has such limited and situational use that is doesn’t earn its space.

However with that said those 2 extra attacks could very well decide some games. I will almost certainly release a follow up article when I can get my hands on this guy and get some proper testing done but for now I do not believe Beyond Order is an overly relevant stride to the deck.

Order up

At the very least this is an interesting set for gears and I look forward to getting my hands on these cards and trying them out for myself.

As for now more regular articles should start appearing on the site including a few I’m very excited to share with everyone, as for now-


Grazie per aver letto



FC2017 – Kagero

As promised in the last article today I’m going to cover Kagero’s new toys in this years fighters collection.Kagero_Icon

Kagero is a clan that needs no introduction and going into this set I was eager to see what bushiroad would give to the clan. Many consider Kagero as the clan with the best G-guards in the game so when it was confirmed we would be getting a new one I was cautiously optimistic, thankfully I wasn’t too disapointed.


Heal and G-guard

Positive Dracokid and Advance Guard Dragon some interesting new tools but do they find space in Kagero’s G-zone?

So starting off Positive is probably the best heal Kagero could’ve gotten considering the selection, countercharge is limited in Kagero but the skills that want it certainly aren’t so I’m more than willing to swap a soul for a CB. Of course this isn’t perfect as several of Kagero’s skills ask for soul with very limited ways to fill it up. So if you plan on using positive to get some extra CB plan ahead.

Next up is advance guard, advance guard has some interesting utility certainly but overall is a little lacklustre. That said his utility certainly earns him a spot in the G-zone as being able to snipe important G1s is always a useful skill to have. Again the soul cost is restrictive especially if you plan on using positive’s skill as well so once again, plan ahead.

The key plays to look at with these two are –

  • Vanilla guarding with advance simply using advance as a 15k block to get a CB back is more than acceptable, I definitely find myself in a position where just 1CB more would put me in a better position so having this option is a welcome adition to the G-zone
  • Gaining “effective shield” – This means simply shooting down a booster, defeat flare already does similar in Overlord but now Blademaster (and seals) have the option too, this almost makes up for the lack of shield gain.
  • Combo blocking – Sometimes the most important units on the field are grade 1s, probably the biggest example of this is Nightrose’s Negrobone the source of her multi-attacks. Advance guard can block the RG being boosted by him and shoot down Bone before it can get another attack in. Other examples of this are the infamous tick tock worker and Commander Laurel but I’m almost certain there are more.

So final conclusion?

Both positive and Advance guard certainly have a home in Kagero’s G-zone, more utility is always¬† a positive and more than welcome in the clan.

Generation Break 8


Blazing Burst Dragon certainly a familiar face I didn’t see making a return but certainly a welcome one. Blazing burst has a rare ability for Kagero in that it boosts the power of the field. Now positives aside this card does carry some baggage namely the GB8 restriction.

So let’s break down this cards three skills

  1. Field wipe – Presumably you’ll have used a few Taitens going into this card so this skill would mostly have been achieved by striding another, only a few decks frequently fill the board and several of them are quite evasive as well. However a non-targeted mass retire skill will be useful in some matchups and is a nice bonus at the very least.
  2. Field buff – This is the real meat of the skill boosting up the entire field by 10k. Kagero isn’t a clan that can often make high powered columns outside of Blademaster so the leg-up from burst is more than welcome. That said against other decks that carry removal this skill will be hard to capitalise on especially this late in the game. Kagero has few ways to regenerate its board so Burst could potentially be a do-nothing stride.
  3. Crit and power gain – This is mostly an added bonus and there isn’t much to say about it other than it’s nice. Oh and that it will rarely go off against most decks. Ideally by this stage of the game your opponents ranks should be struggling to recover after several turns of mass retire so it’s unlikely there will be 3 units on board to hit and even then this skill is massively telegraphed as it is a GB8. Still that said it is a nice little extra bonus and might help close some games.

So overall burst has a space in the G-zone but it certainly isn’t the amazing game ending GB8 I had been hoping for. Nonetheless Kagero should be able to reach the all important GB8 in most games so maybe burst is just balanced for that.


Stay Positive

So all in all this fighters collection is solid for Kagero nothing amazing and not nearly enough to bring us back into the metagame but certainly a nice bonus. Besides we have GBT-11 to look forward to and as always

thanks for reading